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Run endlessly through a 'cyberpunk' city


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RETROSHIFTER is a 2D endless runner that’s set in a ‘cyberpunk’ dystopia. In this game, you control a youngster that can cross through energy protection barriers located on the skyscrapers around the city. Be warned, it won’t be easy.

The RETROSHIFTER control system combines some well-known elements with some newer ones. By sliding your finger upwards, downwards or towards the front, you can make your character jump, roll or leap forward. These techniques can help you jump through the barriers that you will find along your journey. Each barrier has a different color and in order to go through them, you have to make sure you’re synchronized with that color. To do just that, you must click on the lower left corner of the screen. A bit complicated? Yup. Really satisfying? Oh yeah.

RETROSHIFTER is an excellent endless runner that offers you something different to the same ol’ gameplay you're used to and also has some nice visuals. It provides a refreshing twist in the genre of endless runners. As usual, you can also unlock some new additional characters with the coins that you earn during your journey.
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Android 4.1 or greater is required